Poly Slender Online's 6 month course can help you build sustainable and efficient routines that you can use to maintain your health and weight indefinitely. With this course and your dedication, you'll surely be able to meet your goals.


Make the choice. Achieve your Dream body now.

Poly Slender Online's
6 Month Course

Use this simple month-by-month plan as a guideline for your workouts. You'll find all levels of exercise, and reap all the benefits. The program uses two-week cycles, so if six months sounds too long, just take it two weeks at a time. The best part? No gym membership required! You can do this from your home with just a few common items.


Fitness Checklist

Cardio workouts, like walking, jogging or running, can be done anywhere. Just make sure you have the following:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Running shoes
  • Two 3 to 10 pound hand weights
  • A straight-back chair
  • A mat or blanket (optional)
  • Extensive Weekly Check Ins


discover the benefits of
Poly Slender Online's 6 month course.

Dieting can amplify the effects of exercise, particularly if you currently eat more calories than you need. This course will not only provide a beneficial workout routine, but will also show you how to reduce your caloric intake to the minimum number of calories you need each day, a number that varies depending on activity level, weight and similar factors, to a level that will make it easier to lose weight with exercise.